Midleton Hub were the charity chosen in our annual competition

We run an annual competition which invites our social media followers to nominate an Irish Charity in order to win a fabulous East Ferry Farm free Range Turkey or Goose plus €200 for the charity they nominated. This year the winning charity was the Midleton Hub nominated by Louise O’Brien.

Yvonne Fitzgibbon delivering the Turkeys to the Midleton Hub

Louise kindly decided to donate her prize Turkey to the charity and Yvonne and Robbie donated even more Turkeys to make the Midleton Hub’s community Christmas dinner really special this year.

The Midleton Hub’s mission is to provide a community-based environment where people can feel safe, welcome and create connections with others should they choose to do so, in a culture of openness, honesty and confidentiality in regard to wellbeing and mental health. Bunny O’Riordan founded the Hub to provide community resources that were not available to him following his son’s death from suicide. He firmly believes that the Midleton HUB can really help people who experience serious negative mental health tendencies like his son did, or people who are forced to experience the bereavement of a loved one due to suicide.

The vision is to provide individual and group therapy with bereavement support groups for those who are vulnerable in our community.


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