Order Free Range Turkey or Goose for Christmas Online

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You will be delighted with the difference in flavour and texture when you serve one of our turkeys for Christmas dinner. Choose from either a bronze or white free range turkey, or try a traditional goose. We are committed to providing the quality of product demanded by each customer and to achieving their exact requirements at all times.



Bronze is the original and traditional turkey, having distinctive black plumage it is a older breed and naturally slower growing. Its meat has a slightly intense flavour bursting with natural juices. As popularity of the turkey grew white breeds were introduced as oven ready, they have a more delicate taste yet still very flavoursome. Its simply a matter of preference.


If you would like to order a Turkey or goose for Christmas, please do so through our new online shopping cart.  You can be assured of the quality of our birds when you order Christmas turkey online direct from East Ferry Farm.

You can be assured of the quality of our birds when you order your turkey or goose online