Ensuring your Bird Arrives in Perfect Condition

box for free range turkeys and geeseWe pride ourselves on the quality of our free range turkeys and free range geese. We take every care to make sure that your bird gets to you in perfect condition whether you collect from our collection point in Midleton , if you collect the bird from one of our partner butchers or if your bird is delivered to your home.

The birds are individually sealed in food safe bags at the abattoir. Then immediately the Turkey’s sealed bag is placed in a second wrapping which contains a gas flush. The gas flush does not come in contact with the Turkey meat. The gas flush is an important element of the packaging as it not only helps to keeps the temperature correct, but it also protects the Turkey from damage, it’s in its own protective bubble.

The Turkey in its bubble is then kept in refrigerated storage. When the collection or dispatch day arrives the birds are placed in a protective cardboard box with ice-packs. We wrap up warm that day as we do it all within the cold storage area!

All birds dispatched will travel in a temperature controlled vehicle.

We advise that as soon as the package is opened the bird is refrigerated. So if you have not yet made room in your fridge, don’t open it up to “check it’s okay”, because the temperature will be disturbed. The packaging is designed to keep the free range turkeys and geese at the optimum storage temperature until 23rd December.

Remember that there are giblets wrapped up in a bag contained in the cavity

The giblets make wonderful stock for your Christmas gravy, but they will spoil your dinner if forgotten!